Tree Uplifting & Tree Pruning

Trees benefit from professional removal of branches.

Selectively pruning branches can decrease the risk of decay and make a tree more structurally sound.

Storm damage, disease and over-extension are just some of the reasons a tree may need pruning. In other cases, a tree with excess foliage and can become unbalanced and put it at risk of falling over.

Pruning can also encourage new growth, increase the amount of sunlight that reaches your garden or house and if done correctly, greatly improves the health of the tree.

Pruning larger trees can pose a safety risk, this is why it is important to hire professional arborists. 


  • Tree Uplifting
  • Tree Pruning
  • Fire clear ups
  • Hеdgіng
  • Trimming рlаntѕ
  • Shrub pruning
  • Hedge pruning


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Mr Mulch It’s team of qualified staff will use the correct equipment and techniques necessary to complete a safe job whilst having minimal impact on its surroundings.