Professional Tree Removal

There are numerous reasons to remove a tree. Hazardous trees can pose a risk to you, your friends and family, and your property due to damage and decay.

If pruning a diseased or damaged tree to encourage healthy growth fails, sometimes removing it is the best option. In other cases, removing pest and weed listed tree species can make way for the replanting of indigenous trees, improving the natural habitat for native animals.

Under planning permits, tree removal and site clearance for building and extensions is common, and although the removal of trees often requires a planning permit from the local council, there are some exceptions to this. Some areas classified as ‘bushfire prone’ are allowed exemptions to improve fire access and create a defensible space around your house and property.


  • Tree removal
  • General clean ups
  • Fire clear ups
  • Block clearing
  • Dead vegetation removed
  • Storm damage
  • Shrub and hedge pruning


  • Meets Australian OH&S safety standards
  • Quality & Reliable workmanship
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No matter the reason for tree removal, give us a call and we are always happy to assist you